The Advantages of Outside Broadcasting Production Vehicles

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The Advantages of Outside Broadcasting Production Vehicles and why you should use these during a video production of any live events such as concerts, sports events, and news.

Outside broadcasting or OB, as it’s more well-known, is usually done using mobile remote broadcasting. There is different equipment involved in this type of production, such as a professional video camera and microphone. All of this equipment have signals that come into the outside broadcasting production vehicles which are then processed, recorded, and also transmitted accordingly.

When there are outdoor events that cannot be recorded in an indoor studio, outside broadcasting is used. An OB mobile production vehicle is a mobile studio. It has cameras, vision control, sound mixer, vision mixer, and any other equipment needed to produce a television or video production and these are all housed inside the vehicle. The equipment used is broadcast quality and can be used for various broadcast programs.

Outside broadcasting is usually used in live events and is not the same as the indoor studio where the director can re-take a shot as the cameras need to roll continuously for the sake of recording everything that is happening in the present. Everything is recorded as it happens, from the video, audio, special effects, graphics, and commentary. Even a small mistake can greatly affect the video production and should be taken into consideration while in production.

What Are the Advantages of Using Mobile Production Vehicles for Outside Broadcasting?

Mobile production vehicles are better than hiring a purpose-built TV studio and will also depend on the production requirements. Here are the advantages of using mobile production vehicles:

  1. It is cheaper than using TV studios and is easy to maintain.
  2. It can cater to larger audiences like concerts, indoor and outdoor sports events.
  3. It can be set-up anywhere, perfect for television news or sports television events.
  4. It can be used and modified according to video production needs.
  5. It only needs a very small parking space and can easily accommodate larger audiences.
  6. A TV channel or station can use a mobile production vehicle to serve its purpose as its presence at any event. It can also be used as an effective marketing tool, giving an edge to the company.
  7. It helps the broadcaster have an advantage of providing accurate and exact details of the news or event that is taking place. This also includes taking photos, live audio and video, interviews by reporters, etc.

Outside broadcasting is the term used for video production done outside an indoor studio. Outside broadcasting can be useful in shooting unique locations and are capable of capturing live events that cannot fit inside or take place within the confinement of a purposely built television studio. These events are usually sporting events, special political conventions, news, or concerts.

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