Broadcast Support Services in London, UK

Support infrastructure and services are often as important as the production itself, and at Links Broadcast we have a variety of facilities and services to ensure that your production or event goes as smoothly as possible…

Temporary Internet Solutions

Reliable internet connectivity in any location is crucial to a successful production or event and we have the means of providing a robust and reliable connection whatever the situation. Our SNG Uplink trucks are equipped with Ka band IP over Satellite facilities, using dedicated and managed satellite capacity to deliver high throughput services via satellite. Our vehicles are also equipped with some of the latest in bandwidth bonding equipment enabling us to provide the ultimate in mobile connectivity by utilising or combining bonded cellular mobile 4G/5G networks, Wi-Fi systems, LTE and satellite connectivity, as required. The system intelligently manages the bandwidth to ensure that the maximum speeds can be achieved whatever the situation and wherever the location. We also have a portable fight-cased system that can be deployed in office or small venue situations where vehicular access is more difficult.

Support Services Temporary Internet

Fibre Systems

Our TruckLink fibre optic cabling systems can provide connectivity over long distances without any loss, enabling the delivery of video, audio and data in almost any situation. With multiple paths in each direction these can be used to send and receive video to/from cameras, screens and any other video input or output as high quality HD-SDI transmissions. The multiple audio connections can be used for production audio or communications, and the data connections can extend internet connections to more remote areas of your production or event.
Support Services Fibre Systems

Event WiFi Solutions

The expectation to be able to connect to the internet, whatever the location or situation is one of the main requirements for event attendees or for production personnel, and this is the reason that our Event Wi-Fi service is in increasing demand. Our Event Wi-Fi service provides fast, reliable, and secure internet connectivity via Wi-Fi at events and on productions wherever it is needed. Whether it is for e-commerce or file transfer, or just to enable guests, visitors and staff to stay in touch with the office, colleagues, friends and social media, this is an essential requirement for any successful event or production. With our scalable systems, and combined with our temporary internet services, we have the solution that you need to ensure that everything and everyone remains connected at all times.

Support Services Event WiFi

Wireless Links

Our Wireless Links fill in the gaps in connectivity where cabling may not be possible or practical. Whether it’s for roving camera solutions for vox-pops, Steadicam operation or specialist grip facilities, or it’s just to access a remote camera position, our Wireless Links provide stable low delay connectivity across huge distances. When combined with our high powered transmitters, the Wireless Links can also provide point to point connectivity over great distances. Using COFDM modulation the line of sight connectivity can achieve distances of up to 10Km for video and audio transmissions in SD or HD formats.

Support Services Wireless Links
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