Outside Broadcast and Production Services in the UK

We can offer you a diverse and flexible range of production packages, including portable production facilities and crew to help deliver your production, for outside broadcasts, sports, entertainment, news, conferences and events of any size…

OB Trucks & Vans

Our Outside Broadcast Services provide comprehensive on-location broadcasting solutions to suit any requirement. Our compact OB vehicles have integrated satellite uplink facilities and are ideal for smaller locations where space may be limited, but still provide powerful production facilities capabilities and a comfortable environment for production personnel. These units can be scaled up with the use of our production trailer or larger OB vehicles to cover multi-camera OB’s of any size. Our comprehensive services include state-of-the-art equipment with skilled crew members and seamless coordination to ensure high-quality live coverage and content creation for any event or production.

Production Facilities OB Truck

Portable Production Units

When a truck based solution may not be quite right for your event or production, then we have an alternative solution. Our Portable Production Units (PPU’s) are small, compact production facilities that can be transported and built in any location, no matter the size. Reduced size doesn’t mean reduced performance though, and we use some of the latest technology available to produce incredibly high performance multi camera live productions. Our PPU’s offer a flexible and powerful solution with all the features you need to create the most innovative corporate events, concerts, sporting events, theatre productions and much more!

Production Facilities Portable Production Units

Production Trailer

Our production trailer is a multi-purpose vehicle which can enhance your production or provide additional functionality for your crew on location. The trailer offers a flexible solution for increased gallery space, or for additional technical production facilities or workspace on site. The production trailer easily accommodates up to eight crew and includes separate areas for EVS, Graphics, Voice-Over or other specialist operators, and it works seamlessly with our OB production vehicles. With lighting, heating, air conditioning and plenty of desk space, the production trailer can also operate as an ideal production office space for crew on location.

ENG Facilities

For stand-alone productions or for additional functionality within an Outside Broadcast set up then we can offer a variety of ENG/PSC camera facilities. Our self-contained ENG camera systems come complete with audio facilities & lighting and we can also provide experienced crew to operate the facilities. For roving camera operations we can offer microwave wireless links for local connectivity solutions or bonded cellular LiveU solutions for connectivity to your production base. Our high capacity wireless microwave link system is also perfect for point-to-point links as well as working in combination with a wireless camera.

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