S300 SNG Uplink Van

S300 SNG Links Broadcast

We are very pleased to announce a new addition to our fleet of SNG vehicles. Based on a Mercedes Vito chassis our vehicle, S300 SNG, is smaller and lighter than other vehicles in our fleet and runs on a 16A socket. But despite its smaller size it still as a high level of technical specification with the flexibility to meet the changing demands of today’s broadcasters, production companies and news agencies. The vehicle is equipped with an 8 input vision mixer and a 12 channel sound desk, as well as providing the usual level of transmission facilities that you would expect from Links Broadcast. The 1.5M Ku band antenna and dual Xicom 400W amps allow for single or dual channel uplinks and this can be combined with one of our multiplexors to provide additional channels if required. Streaming, broadband and IP services are covered by the in-built 3G/4G WiFi router, or we can supply stand-alone Ka band facilities where additional IP over satellite connectivity is required. Along with full comms and monitoring facilities, S300 SNG is well equipped to meet your production or transmission requirements. Please contact us today for more information

S300 SNG External Links BroadcastS300 SNG Internal Links Broadcast

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