Beyond the Front Row: Reach a Global Audience with Live Streaming

beyond the front row reach a global audience with live streaming

Wouldn’t it be great to sit in an auditorium where the front row reaches across continents? By utilising live streaming services, you can reach a global audience regardless of where you are physically located. Imagine people from all corners of the globe interacting with your event, with no more “I wish I could be there” signs giving each person a VIP experience. Industries are realising the potential of this format as compared to traditional mediums of reaching their audience and adapting it to captivate minds. With real-time interactions, they can gauge whether their message is engaging audiences and capture their emotions. So, have you shifted to live streaming or still creating distanced experiences? Let’s explore how various industries can leverage this versatile format of live streaming services and make the most of it. 

Event Coverage in the Digital Age

In the past, your event’s reach ended at the venue’s doors. Not in the digital age, where businesses have the opportunity to harness event streaming services and reach a broader audience. A live stream allows audience members to become part of the event and interact with it. As an example, with Apple, live streaming has been used to engage its global audience and launch its newest products. By live streaming, they can demonstrate their new products in real-time, creating excitement and anticipation among their customers. As a result, Apple is able to generate buzz, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. Further, the live stream can be customised as per the event, giving audiences an exclusive experience and making them feel they are a part of something special. Streaming events will become more powerful as technology advances, enabling businesses to connect more effectively with their customers. 

News Coverage in Real-time

Today’s world demands instantaneous news! Our first reaction today when we open the news channel is to hear the reporter say, “let’s go live,” which showcases how media houses are turning to technology to provide real-time updates. All this is because of live streaming services which allows media companies to broadcast news in real-time, providing viewers with up-to-the-minute information and allowing them to witness events as they unfold. This immediacy not only keeps the audience engaged and lets them interact with it, but also fosters trust and credibility in the news organisation, as they are seen as a reliable source for breaking news. Further, creating a revenue source for them as they can charge their subscribers for live-streams. With technology evolving, live-streaming is blurring the distance between the journalist and the witness creating a more immersive experience.  

Redefining Sports Experience 

It’s time to forget about the crowd’s roar fading as you switch channels. Live streaming has redefined the sports viewing experience for fans all over the world by capturing every nail-biting moment for them from exclusive interviews to behind-the-scenes content. Event organisers can offer viewers a deeper, more personal connection to the games that people love by giving them the access to live content and making them feel part of the community. At the same time, they can charge higher for the event tickets and earn additional revenue. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics witnessed this growth of live stream content and the event organisers capitalised on it as viewers to watch their favourite sports in real-time and gave them the opportunity to interact with their favourite athletes. With technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) growing we can expect live streaming applications to create a more immersive experience. 

Home Cinema

Another realm that has been revolutionised with live streaming services is cinema distribution and bringing it to homes. There is no more waiting for the movie to get distributed on digital platforms but you can watch it from anywhere. From accessing film festivals at your home to getting access to global movies you watch it as it releases. For content distributors, it is a monetary opportunity beyond the event as they can record the live-stream and reach a wider audience over time.  For instance, the Sundance Film Festival conducted its first-ever virtual edition, allowing viewers to watch films online and from the comfort of their own homes. This was a huge success as it allowed the festival to reach a larger audience than ever before. It also provided a new revenue stream for the festival distributors, allowing them to monetize their online screenings. As the technology evolves, we can expect a global cinematic experience for the audiences worldwide. 

Going Beyond Boardrooms

Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report ranks ‘Belonging’ as the top human capital issue that organisations face today. With organisations working towards creating a sense of belonging and engagement amongst their stakeholders through various events, fun activities and developing a culture where their voice is heard, still there is a gap that needs to be fixed. Virtual or live events come here as a solution to such problems as they go beyond boardrooms to foster a sense of belonging and community in employees by offering them a chance to interact with the management through Q&A sessions.  

Further, live streaming has allowed organisations to create a transparent environment for stakeholder engagement by connecting with them in real-time and building trust. By utilising live streaming services, corporates can provide their employees a platform to interact with each other and build relationships through which a sense of camaraderie can be established. Further, as technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming a part of corporate events, stakeholders can expect an immersive experience. 

Disrupting the Social Space 

Forbes reports 80% of customers prefer to watch live brand videos rather than read about their favourite brands in blogs. This shift in trends has made marketers focus on live streaming as a medium to reach their audiences. Although when you are creating a marketing plan, social network streaming might not be the first thing that comes to your mind to reach your audiences and engage with them. But, with live streaming, you can provide your audiences insights into your products and your services directly and engage with them. By answering their queries and communicating with them real-time you can develop your trust and credibility in your community. As a result, your brand gets a competitive edge.  

Again with audience insights, you can tailor the content as per their preferences to maximize the value of your content. For instance, youtube live streaming has grown pretty popular over the years giving streams and content creators a chance to interact and engage with their audiences in real-time and post session as well. Further, brands can collaborate with such influencers and enhance their social media presence. 

What does the future hold? 

Now you know how live streaming services are disrupting industries from entertainment to sports and even business marketing. Certainly, this is not the end of the transformation. Audiences can expect more immersive experiences as technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), AI and sensory tech integrate with live streaming.  

Furthermore, companies are building platforms like Facebook Horizon Venues, designed to transport you into the heart of the action. But it doesn’t stop there! Think personalized avatars interacting with live events, haptic feedback mimicking the environment, and even smell-o-vision technology that makes you feel the rain at a music festival. Another aspect that we can see is various industries adding live streaming as a source to propogate their content and monetize it eventually. 

There are many ways for your business to monetize through live streaming, but setting it up can be tricky. Would you know what to do if your internet connection went down? In such cases, having a plan is important. Again, juggling with technical stuff and managing the whole show would require a lot of efforts. Well, one of the ways it can be simplified is by partnering with a solution provider that offers end-to-end live streaming services and harness the full potential of live streaming and create a seamless experience. So, if you want to take your content online, you can partner with Links Broadcast, an experienced solution provider that helps you create, transmit and deliver live content wherever you need. Get in touch with their friendly experts today!

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