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Live Content Streaming Facilities Links Broadcast

COVID 19 presented new challenges to many companies on how to effectively address their online customer base. On behalf of a US based client, Links Broadcast provided production and live content streaming facilities for a major fashion brand as they experimented with a new live online shopping event. Hosting the production at Loft Studios in North-West London, we utilised our OB production vehicle plus our production trailer, to house the technical and production facilities for the show.

The set utilised three of our Sony HDC1500 cameras, and we even organised all of the props and support crew to complement the loft style industrial look of the studio. With our client being unable to travel due to COVID restrictions we established multiple zoom calls for direction and production feedback, we also had celebrity callers on zoom for two-way dialogue with the studio presenters. The event was streamed live to the client’s own web page, and with the presenters being able to showcase the latest fashions, the sales rolled in and the event was a huge success.

In addition to the OB production facilities and crew, our technical set-up utilised our VMix production and streaming software, plus Epiphan Pearl encoders and our LiveU LU600 being used as a backup path to deliver a faultless SRT stream on behalf of the client.

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