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BBC Plane Spotting Live Links Broadcast

BBC’s Plane Spotting Live

In July Links Broadcast provided production and uplink facilities to deliver the BBC’s production of Plane Spotting Live over 3 nights from airports around the UK.

Working with OB company CTV, we supported the hub location at East Midlands Airport through the provision of main and backup SNG uplink trucks, delivering live vision feeds to the BBC, as well as receiving two incoming vision feeds from remote airport locations. Across the three nights, Peter Snow, Andi Peters & Zoe Laughlin brought the excitement of live plane spotting together with input on aviation developments to enthusiasts in the UK and around the world.

From the remote airports, which included Heathrow and London City Airport, we provided two Sony PDW700 HD ENG Cameras, a Box Lens & audio facilities to produce live inserts and interviews led by presenter, Arthur Williams, and his guests. Each of the cameras was cabled back to our production and uplink facilities and delivered via separate uplink paths to the hub site where it was mixed in to the show.

The popular show provided a fascinating snapshot of the planes travelling above our heads throughout the course of each hour long show and provided an insight in to what makes plane spotting such a popular past-time.

BBC Plane Spotting Links Broadcast 01  BBC Plane Spotting Production and Uplink Facilities Links BroadcastBBC Plane Spotting Live Production and Uplink Facilities Links Broadcast

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