S300 SNG


S300 SNG External Links Broadcast

Eutelsat Registration UKI 1513
Vehicle Model Mercedes Vito 116 XLWB
Length 5.3m
Width 1.9m
Height 3.2m
IFB Number (1) 07971 194827
IFB Number (2) 07780 889802
Antenna Size 1.5M KU Band
HPAs 2x Xicom 400W
IP Uplink Thread Ka Newspotter System
3G/4G Failover router and WIFI access
DEL lines 1 x UK numbered VoIP line

S300 SNG Internal Links Broadcast

MPEG4/MPEG2 HD Encoders 2 x Adtec EN100
Colour Depth 10 bit
MPEG4 4:2:2 Yes
Modulation QPSK, DVBS, 8PSK, DVBS2
Audio Inputs 4 pairs embedded
MPEG4/MPEG2 HD IRD 2 x Adtec EN100
MPEG 4:2:2 Yes
Modulation QPSK, DVBS, 8PSK, DVBS2
General Equipment
Vision Mixer 8 Input Panasonic with Multiview
Sound Mixer 12 channel
IFB Equipment 2 channel GSM system, 2 x Prospect IEM
Mics 2 x lapel, 2 x handheld, 1 x lip
UPS yes built into inverter system
HD fibre system with 300M On board – booking required
HD/SD vision and sound cabling 4 x 60m HD single video,1 x 60m audio multi (4 core) Various XLR & BNCpatch cables
Power cabling/requirement 40m – 16 amp single phase
Inverter system yes, allows 1.5 hours of use
Monitoring 2 x JVC 17″ HDSDI, Multiviewer, Wohler embedded audio monitor, Tektronix Rasteriser

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