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Multicamera Production

The team and the OB technology you need – tailored to fit

At Links Broadcast we can offer you a diverse and flexible range of complete production packages, including all the facilities and crew you might require for outside broadcasts. From a single camera through to full, multicamera production and support services you can rely on Links Broadcast to provide what you need, when you need it. With our experienced team and cutting edge technology you’ll be well placed to broadcast coverage of any live event – from sporting fixtures, news reporting, film premieres and music concerts through to corporate link ups or conferences.

Our unique combination OB and SNG mobile production

We understand that versatility and an ability to do more with fewer resources is an important factor in the services we provide. Our combination OB and SNG production truck offers the capability of up to 6 cameras within a vehicle which is smaller than you might expect. This compact vehicle is perfectly capable of handling both OB and SNG needs whilst still providing a comfortable environment for a team of production personnel.

With the added benefit of the latest KA & KU satellite uplink technology in the same vehicle this is the perfect solution for OB locations with limited space or budget restrictions.

Whatever the size of the production Links Broadcast can meet your requirements – offering tailored solutions which require only a single camera all the way up to large scale events covered by full size OB facilities that operate in combination with our SNG facilities.