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Event WiFi

The expectation of being able to connect easily to the internet, regardless of our location, is fast becoming one of the most important requirements for normal life. This increasing demand for fast, reliable and, above all, secure Event WiFi connectivity is to many people an absolute necessity. As such events of all sizes and types are expected to provide temporary WiFi coverage – enabling guests, visitors, staff and the media to both stay in touch with the office, colleagues, friends and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The growing importance of having Event WiFi is demonstrated by the fact that it is one of the main selection criteria for people booking holiday accommodation. It’s very much a case of no WiFi, no deal.

Links Broadcast provide a host of event WiFi solutions which deliver robust and reliable Internet access – even in demanding, high density environments such as corporate events, trade shows and TV productions.

Event webstreaming service options

Links Broadcast can even tailor our event webstreaming services with a number of options, depending on your needs. These include:

  • Full production and transmission facilities.
  • Bespoke browser – matched to your own branding, look and feel.
  • Compatibility with all encoding and streaming formats.
  • Synchronisation of live presentation content with streamed content (i.e. Power point presentations that change on screen in concert with presenter changes in the venue).
  • Interactive questioning facility for conferences / Q&A sessions.
  • Online voting
  • Password protected access
  • Full usage reporting
  • Telephone support
  • Full hosting and highly reliable worldwide web distribution

Trust Links Broadcast to provide your event WiFi

With years of experience our team of expert network engineers use the very latest wireless technology to install and maintain temporary or permanent event WiFi which provides flawless, secure coverage. Underpinned and guaranteed by some of the best service level agreements available you can rely on Links Broadcast Event WiFi to deliver.