S100 SNG Production Truck


S100 SNG Truck Dishes Up Links Broadcast

Eutelsat Registration UKI 1871
Vehicle Model Mercedes Vario LWB
Length 7.5m
Width 2.4m
Height 3.4m
IFB Number (1) 07855 129875
IFB Number (2) 07525 119104
Antenna Size 2.0m AVL Ku-band/1.2m AVL Ka Band
TVRO Optional – booking required
HPAs Xicom 400w
MPEG4/2HD Encoders 2 x Ericsson Voyager II
Colour Depth 8 bit/10 bit
MPEG4 4:2:2 Yes
Modulation QPSK, DVBS, 8PSK, DVBS2, 16PSK
Audio Inputs 4 pairs embedded
MPEG4/2HD IRD 2 x RX8200
MPEG4 4:2:2 Yes
Modulation QPSK, DVBS, 8PSK, DVBS2
General/Production Equipment
IP/Internet 1.2m Ka AVL antenna on Tooway Newspotter platform + 4G backup & WiFi access
Vision Mixer FOR-A HVS-390HS 2ME (20 input)
Sound Mixer Studer 1 Professional desk (22 fader) plus 5.1 audio mixing & Dolby D Encoding
Comms Equipment 2 channel GSM system, 2 x system base ISDN Codecs, RTS Zeus comms system with Talkback panels at each technical position within the truck
General/Production Equipment (continued)
Crew Comms 2 x Duplex Tait radio base stations
HD Vision & Sound 6 x Sony HDC1500 camera channels
Optional 8 Channel EVS – booking required
XDCAM/BMD Hyperdeck record and playout facilities
Full Dolby D/E monitor speaker system
HD Fibre System with 300m Cable Optional – booking required
HD/SD Vision & Sound Cabling 4 x 60m HD single video,
1 x 60m audio multi (4 core),
Various XLR & BNC patch cables
Power Cabling/Requirement 50m – 63Amp single phase
Generator 15Kva
Sound Supervisor Comms-SNG Engineer
Vision Mixer Director
EVS Operator Racks Engineer
Truck Infrastructure
Snell-Vega 58 x 80 HD-SDI router
Axon Glue
Tektronix Waveform monitor & rasteriser
TSL PAM2-3G audio monitor with Dolby options
Murraypro PPMs
Trilogy TSG/SPG
See below for interior layout plan
S100 SNG Truck Links Broadcast

S100 SNG Production Truck
S100 SNG Truck 2 Links Broadcast

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