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Satellite Uplink Services Links Broadcast

Satellite Uplink Services: Broadcasting Content to the World

In today’s globalised world, broadcasting events live or pre-recorded is essential for reaching audiences worldwide. The use of satellite technology has become the backbone of modern-day broadcasting, enabling the delivery of high-quality content in real-time. Satellite uplink services, satellite broadcast services, outside broadcast services, SNG satellite, and OB vans are some of the terms that have become familiar in….

SNG Broadcasting Services Links Broadcast

SNG Broadcasting Services: The Backbone of Live Broadcasting

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) broadcasting services have revolutionised the way live events are broadcasted. SNG broadcasting services are widely used by broadcasters to transmit live or recorded audio and video signals from remote locations to a broadcasting studio or directly to viewers. These services have become an integral part of the broadcasting industry and are widely used by news organisations, sports broadcasters, and event organisers.

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Links Broadcast

Overcoming The Challenges Of Satellite News Gathering

With the rise of Over The Top Content (OTT) delivery and an ever-more competitive landscape, satellite news gathering broadcasters are under increasing pressure to deliver the targeted content at the correct time to the right platforms. Consumers expectations in terms of content, choice, and quality have drastically increased over recent years with the advent of new technology — they also expect the news and latest, unfolding sporting action…..

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth Links Broadcast

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth

The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19th September at 11am, and Links Broadcast are proud to have been associated with the television coverage that allowed people around the world to take part in mourning The Queen.Our satellite uplink trucks were on site at Balmoral from the first initial announcement right through to the end of the ceremony at Westminster Abbey….

Hybrid Production & Uplink Vehicle

Hybrid Production & Uplink Vehicle

We were delighted to play a small part in the magnificent event that was Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee celebrations in June 2022. Using our hybrid production & uplink vehicle, S100, we were employed by Eurovision Services to provide studio and uplink facilities on behalf of Japanese state broadcaster, NHK. The studio was set up on the West Lawn of Buckingham Palace and….

BBC Plane Spotting Live Links Broadcast

Plane Spotting Live

In July 2019 Links Broadcast provided production and uplink facilities to deliver the BBC’s production of Plane Spotting Live over 3 nights from airports around the UK.

Working with OB company CTV, we supported the hub location at East Midlands Airport through the provision of main and backup SNG uplink trucks, delivering live vision feeds to the BBC, as well as receiving two incoming vision feeds from remote airport locations. Across the three nights, Peter Snow, Andi Peters & Zoe Laughlin brought the excitement of live plane spotting together with input on aviation developments to enthusiasts in the UK and around the world.

SNG Uplink Vehicle Links Broadcast

James Bond No Time To Die

We were delighted to be a part of one of the most significant and eagerly awaited cinema events of recent times at the World Premiere of the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die. Working on behalf of Sassy Media and AOS Productions, our SNG uplink vehicle, S700, played a vitally important role in delivering the live satellite transmissions from the red carpet at London’s Royal Albert Hall as the film’s actors….

Uplink Vehicle Links Broadcast

Uplink Vehicle Up Close With Capital

We were very pleased to work with Capital Radio on their “Up Close” series of intimate music gigs during the summer of 2021. Over the course of three dates at Chelsea’s Under The Bridge Club our uplink vehicle, R19, provided the transmission services for each of the live music events. With artists including Anne-Marie, Mabel and Years & Years and the shows hosted by Capital Radio’s Roman Kemp, Sonny Jay and….

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