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LiveU LU600 IP System – Revolutionise Live Broadcasting

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, live broadcasting has become an essential tool for delivering real-time news, sports, and events to audiences around the world. The LiveU LU600 IP System is a state-of-the-art solution that has revolutionised the way live video is transmitted, providing broadcasters and content creators with unprecedented flexibility, reliability, and quality.

LU600 LiveU Links Broadcast

Why Do I Need LU600 LiveU Cellular Bonding?

LU600 LiveU Cellular bonding has made it possible for broadcasters and sports broadcasters to produce some of the most powerful live moments on TV in recent years. In fact, you already watched hundreds of “live shots” on TV that were contributed over cellular bonding, you just never knew it! Let’s talk a little history first. Twelve years ago, LiveU disrupted the broadcast industry by patenting its first cellular bonding solution….

LiveU LU 600 Links Broadcast

Streaming Into your Webinar or Online Meeting Using LiveU LU 600

By now, pretty much everyone has used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Verizon Bluejeans, Facebook Workplace, or Google G-Suite to conduct a virtual meeting or a webinar with their co-workers or clients. In fact, you have probably done it so often that you no longer consider these meetings virtual. But did you ever consider using your LiveU field unit as a kind of super-webcam input for these meetings? Read on to see how….

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Live Content Streaming Facilities

COVID 19 presented new challenges to many companies on how to effectively address their online customer base. On behalf of a US based client, Links Broadcast provided production and live content streaming facilities for a major fashion brand as they experimented with a new live online shopping event. Hosting the production at Loft Studios in North-West London, we utilised our OB production vehicle plus our….

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