5 Benefits of Temporary Internet Solutions for Outdoor Events

5 benefits of temporary internet solutions for outdoor events

Over the years the demand for internet connectivity for events has skyrocketed. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity that needs to be arranged by event organizers even if the event is organized at a remote location. One will hardly find an event where there is no internet connectivity. But the question is how do event organizers manage with internet connectivity even at remote locations? The answer is simple temporary internet solutions. Think of them like a pop-up tent you can set up quickly when you go on a trekking expedition and the weather breaks down. These solutions offer a quick, reliable internet connection in such situations. Let us understand their benefits for outdoor events to learn more about them.

1. Data Security of Attendees

Would you want your guests’ sensitive information like their bank account details or their private information to be captured by some cyber attackers at the event? No, right? Often at events where public Wi-Fi is available for guests such events can occur. One of the most popular incidents where such activities were captured was at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, where cyber security experts detected a breach in the event Wi-Fi, potentially compromising the sensitive information of the attendees and participants.

In case of temporary internet solutions, not all internet solutions are created in an equal manner. This helps them secure the entire premises through a private network. When event organizers hire Wi-Fi providers, they get the facility of configuring the Wi-Fi with robust security measures such as firewalls and encryption protocols which elevates the security. An additional layer can be added by setting up terms and conditions before connecting to a Wi-Fi connection for reducing legal exposure during the event.

2. Seamless Connectivity

Event organizers often experience glitches when it comes to seamless internet connectivity at events. This is because they haven’t understood the touch points at an event correctly. Let us give you an example, you might be organizing an event where delegates are coming at same conference hall you have arranged the event before. However, there is a slight change in the touch points where attendees will be interacting with the speakers or will be carrying out transactions. So, you gave the Wi-Fi provider the same requirement as you gave last time. But that Wi-Fi was not configured from a better coverage aspect. This might hamper your guests experience as they might not be able to engage with the event.

A temporary internet connection with a high latency can hamper the experience of your guests/ attendees at an event since they don’t have a high availability. On the other hand, when you configure a temporary internet solution with a dedicated internet bandwidth along with a low latency you get the desired results.

3. Captive Portals

Another benefit of temporary internet solutions over public Wi-Fi at an outdoor event is they offer captive portals to Wi-Fi organisers. These portals act as landing pages for the guests before they can access the internet. For the event organisers it acts as a source of revenue generation and data collection. The event sponsors can run customized ads on these captive portals creating brand awareness for them. As for the event organizers it acts as a secondary source of revenue.

Furthermore, the captive portals are a great source for acquiring attendee data for future events. Through these portals, the event organisers can capture data like attendee first name, last name, contact details, E-mail ID and utilise them for future events in terms of marketing and promotion. Furthermore, they can instil an additional layer of terms and conditions which will allow the users to access the internet securely. Overall, this enhances the attendee experience and engagement throughout the event.

4. Emergency Communication

In outdoor events, emergencies can break out at any time causing the event to postpone and get delayed due to any weather havoc or some other reason. In such scenarios, temporary internet connections help event organisers disseminate information in real-time and inform the attendees about the revised schedule or contact emergency services without further escalation. Whether the information is about evacuating the area, first-aid instructions or updating attendees about the revised schedule the organizers can communicate swiftly. This ensures that the overall well-being of the people who are attending the event is not compromised.

Imagine a situation where you are organizing an event, and it is in a remote location. Now, you have a temporary internet solution at the event with a stable internet connectivity. So, in case a thunderstorm breaks, you can inform the attendees priorly about the revised schedule. Whereas, in case of any other connection which is unstable this is not possible. This reduces the confusion during the event and ensuring that no rumours are being spread while maintain safety of everyone.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

We again delve into a hypothetical situation where you have organised an event and you are expecting around 2000 individuals who would be attending it. Suddenly, you witness that the number of people attending the event has almost doubled. What would you do in such a situation? If you are relying on a public Wi-Fi then you would be stuck in a situation where the bandwidth does not meet the needs of the attendees causing a dull experience for them during the event.

Whereas, when you select a temporary Wi-Fi for events, the Wi-Fi or internet provider provides you with the option to scale up the connection and adjust the resources as needed. Through this you can deploy additional access points and increase the bandwidth requirement which helps you suffice the need. This scalability and flexibility of the solutions help you overcome any obstacles that you face while setting up the event. Ultimately, contributing to the success of the event.

To condense, temporary internet solutions aid event organisers to set up internet connectivity for events regardless of the situation. Investing in them can help event organisers carry out the event without any hiccups as they ensure security of personal information of attendees, offer scalability and flexibility along with a chance to capture attendee data for marketing purposes. Now, you might be wondering how to get one? While it may be easy to get lost in the woods, with multiple vendors offering temporary internet for outdoor events, finding the right vendor can be hard. However, if you are organising an event in UK, you can rely on Links Broadcast. These temporary internet solutions providers offer solutions that match your needs. Whether it is a small gathering or a mid-size event they help you get seamless connectivity throughout. Get in touch with our experts today!

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