Production Trailers: Giving Film and TV an Unparallel Advantage 

Advantages of Production Trailer for Film and TV

The film and TV landscape are growing competitive, and it requires production crews to be flexible as well as efficient while shooting for a movie or a TV show. However, filming in diverse environments can be hard and needs a lot of effort for the operations team to execute things smoothly. This is where the role of production trailer comes in. The film production trailers are designed to collaborate with the existing production equipment to improvise the quality and efficiency of production process. The multi-purpose vehicle is not only designed to offer you benefits when it comes to post-production but also to your crew by offering several advantages. Let us explore them! 

1. Mobility 

The foremost advantage of having a production trailer at a film or a TV production set is their mobility. Often, we find movies being shot at remote locations. Mobile production trailer units are designed in a way so that they can easily transport the production equipment from one location to another. As a result, location does not become a constraint for the production crew or the director when they want to set up the equipment for pre-production or post-production processes. 

One prime example of the mobility advantage of these trailers for production was during the filming of the critically acclaimed TV show “Game of Thrones.” The production crew relied on these trailers for their filming needs. Without a trailer, the crew would have to set up all the necessary equipment on site, making it time consuming as well as challenge in terms of logistics. With production trailers in place, the production can be set up in a moment’s notice. This allowed the crew to shoot with dedicated equipment without compromising on quality. 

2. Controlled Environments 

Film and TV production crews who are shooting at different locations may also face environmental constraints. Assume that the filming is disrupted by a weather event, excessive background noise, or any other external factor. A production trailer, on the other hand, provides a self-contained workspace that is equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities for tasks that require concentration like reviewing footage. Thus, a controlled environment minimises technical issues, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted workspace for critical tasks.  

A distinct example of how a controlled environment can be achieved production was during the virtual premiere of “Black Widow.” A red-carpet premiere was not feasible due to the pandemic, so the studio chose an alternative route. Marvel Studios converted a trailer into a mobile studio with all the necessary equipment. It enabled the cast and crew to participate in interviews, Q&As, and other promotional activities without any issues. 

3. Power and Connectivity 

Filming in remote locations be it a movie or TV, power and connectivity can be a constraint. Production trailers advantage in such scenarios is they are self-sufficiency due to their own power source such as generators or batteries. This allows them to supply continuous power and minimize the disruptions caused by technical errors. Furthermore, these vehicles often have a consistent connectivity to the internet through wired or wireless connections allowing production teams to transfer footage without low bandwidth issues. 

The production teams of the film “Dune” took assistance of film production trailers to overcome the connectivity and power issues faced by them during filming in remote areas of Jordan and United Arab Emirates. These trailers offered them with reliable power and connectivity to film the movie. So, despite the location constraint they were able to execute the movie without hiccups. 

4. Dedicated Workspace 

Pre-production of films and tv productions is a complex process and requires a high level of operational efficiency from each team member. Whether it’s monitoring the technical aspects, reviewing video and audio quality.  All these things can be minimized by having a production trailer, as they offer advantage for a dedicated workspace. With a dedicated workspace, the team can really concentrate on their tasks better, troubleshoot issues in real-time and deliver high-quality content without being affected by external factors. 

The advantage of dedicated workspace turned out to be true during the filming of the popular TV series “Stranger Things.” As the show began to gain popularity, the producers realized the need for a dedicated mobile production trailer for their requirements. The trailer provided them with all the dedicated workspace to deliver high-quality content without getting disturbances from the main set such as noises. This allowed them to collaborate with the team and establish a cohesive production process. 

5. Branding and Promotion 

Do you remember the production trailers that were used during the virtual tour of Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun: Maverick? Paramount production crew leveraged a custom branded film production trailer during the time of movie promotion. Yes! For the branding and promotion of the movie, the exterior of the trailer was adorned with the iconic “Top Gun” logo and design creating a visually appealing backdrop for cast interviews and question and answer sessions. 

Branding and promotion have become an inseparable part of the entertainment industry. Production vehicles offer a unique way for the production crew to showcase their brand. When the viewers are exposed to the company’s logo, visuals and branding message throughout the trailer, they are more likely to remember it and stay associated with the brand. Thus, making it advantageous for the production crew. 

Final Thoughts

There is no second opinion on how production trailers are adding value to the production efforts of film and tv production units. As the demand for live streaming is growing day by day, these trailers will continue assist the crews in remote locations by offering facilities to interact with audiences and grow their reach. As the film and TV production crews embrace these trailers more the more likely they will benefit from them.  

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