May 2023

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Event Live Stream – Ultimate Guide

With over 57% of marketers live streaming their content, it’s not hard to see why brands are jumping into the streaming business. But for plenty of brands and content creators, learning how to live stream can be a hurdle. In this guide, we’ll unpack all the complicated business of streaming. We’ll walk through how to set up a live stream, what gear to consider, and how to get it set up……

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Satellite Broadcast Services Links Broadcast

Satellite Broadcast Services

It is universally recognised that viewing and listening habits are changing as consumers move away from linear TV and radio, instead choosing to stream video and audio content on demand, from multiple devices. Satellite broadcast services operators are adapting to these changing markets by developing business models that position them as Internet Service Providers, alongside offering TV broadcast services.

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Satellite Uplink Services Links Broadcast

Satellite Uplink Services: Broadcasting Content to the World

In today’s globalised world, broadcasting events live or pre-recorded is essential for reaching audiences worldwide. The use of satellite technology has become the backbone of modern-day broadcasting, enabling the delivery of high-quality content in real-time. Satellite uplink services, satellite broadcast services, outside broadcast services, SNG satellite, and OB vans are some of the terms that have become familiar in….

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LiveU LU800 Links Broadcast

The LiveU LU800 – First Production-Level Field Unit

Combining multi-camera production with mission-critical transmission over native 5G, the LU800 changes the rules of the game for live news and dynamic sports productions. The LU800 combines multi-camera production and superior video and audio capabilities with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G unit. Designed from the ground up to unlock 5G potential, the unit offers unparalleled quality of service and resiliency….

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