Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Production Facilities

For stand-alone productions or for additional functionality within an Outside Broadcast set up then we can offer a variety of PSC camera/ENG facilities. Our self-contained ENG camera systems come complete with audio facilities & lighting and we can also provide experienced crew to operate the facilities.

Electronic News Gathering

In media production, versatility and efficiency are paramount. For those seeking stand-alone productions or additional functionality within an Outside Broadcast setup, our range of Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Portable Studio Camera (PSC) facilities provides a comprehensive solution. These self-contained ENG camera systems are designed to meet the demands of on-the-go filming, offering not only cutting-edge video capabilities but also integrated audio facilities and lighting, ensuring a seamless and high-quality production experience. One of the key advantages of our ENG/PSC camera facilities is their adaptability to various production scenarios, these systems are equipped to handle diverse requirements.
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Adaptability For Production

The flexibility extends beyond the technology itself, we offer experienced and knowledgeable crews to operate the facilities, ensuring that every shoot is executed with precision and professionalism. In the realm of roving camera operations, where mobility is of the essence, we provide advanced connectivity solutions to keep you seamlessly linked to your production base. Our microwave wireless links offer robust and reliable local connectivity, allowing for smooth communication and data transfer between the field and your central production hub. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where a quick turnaround of footage is essential, such as live reporting or dynamic event coverage.
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State-of-The-Art Broadcast Connectivity Systems

For those seeking a more flexible and expansive connectivity solution, our bonded cellular LiveU solutions come into play. These state-of-the-art systems leverage multiple cellular networks simultaneously, aggregating bandwidth to ensure a stable and high-quality connection. This not only enhances the reliability of your live feeds but also opens up new possibilities for on-the-fly editing and content delivery. The LiveU solutions are particularly well-suited for scenarios where traditional connectivity options may be limited or unreliable. In addition to local and cellular connectivity, our high-capacity wireless microwave link system provides an ideal solution for point-to-point links.

ENG/PSC Camera Facilities

The versatility of this system allows it to function independently and the seamless integration of technology and skilled personnel sets our ENG/PSC camera facilities apart, offering a turnkey solution for a wide range of production needs. The ability to adapt to different scenarios, coupled with advanced connectivity options, ensures that you have the tools and support necessary to capture and deliver compelling content in real-time. Whether you are covering breaking news, conducting on-location interviews, or enhancing your live event broadcasts, our ENG/PSC camera facilities are designed to meet the challenges of modern media production head-on, empowering you to create engaging and impactful content with confidence.
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